Miller Cole will assist you in development of  a clear, concise Washington strategy and guide you through the regulatory and legislative maze, ensuring that you stay on top of the complex, constantly changing federal issues.  Miller Cole will guide, refine  and support  your federal affairs efforts, to maximize your competitive advantage and yield stellar results. 

At the end of the day, the benefits of a sophisticated, strategic approach in Washington are substantial - namely, competitive edge. In order to win in Washington, and win consistently, a clear strategic plan is essential. In a world where navigating Washington becomes more difficult every day, devising a winning strategy and executing it properly requires years of experience and political acumen.

Miller Cole is organized in a way that affords clients the widest possible range of services, including :

  • Development of comprehensive strategic and tactical plans to achieve specific objectives at numerous levels of government in the United States and internationally
  • Direct advocacy with government decision makers
  • Formation and coordination of professional teams—including legal  counsel, experts, crisis communications, —to advance client objectives at a single level of government or in multiple government venues (e.g., state/federal, multi-state, international)
  • Support for advocacy by client representatives
  • Legislative drafting, markup and analysis
  • Legislative and executive branch monitoring
  • Testimony development, preparation and advisement
  • Regulatory crisis support and management
  • Surveys
  • Opinion Polls

Specialty services include:
  • Political Action Committee development, implementation and management
  • Public policy planning and communication
  • Coalition strategy, formation and management
  • Caucus strategy, development, organization and management
  • Grass roots organization and management

Legislative and Regulatory Services
Miller Cole will track your issues and keep you informed on the latest developments that could impact your strategy including  executive, legislative and regulatory initiatives taking place in Washington. 

  • Federal Strategy Development/Refinement
  • Committee Hearings
  • Conference Committee Updates
  • Bill Markup
  • Issues Tracking
  • Legislative Monitoring
  • Regulatory Monitoring
  • Regulatory Comments
  • Strategy Development
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Executive Briefings

Federal lobbying is a important component of any organization's political action plans.  Issues can become important to legislators in an instant, which can profoundly impact targeted industries and businesses in multiple ways. Access to  legislators, regulators and coalitions is a key component of a lobbying plan, particularly in crisis situations.  Miller Cole provides leadership support to clients to maximize message impact and produce the best possible outcome. Our lobbying services include:

  • Lobbying legislators, regulators and the executive branch
  • Issues tracking
  • Legislative tracking
  • Regulatory tracking
  • Meetings with legislators and their staff
  • Meetings with regulators and key program personnel

Organizations can maximize their effectiveness in Washington with a pro-active communications strategy.  Miller-Cole's experts develop tailored communications strategies to address specific client needs,  including crises situations. 

  • Communications Strategy Development and Execution
  • Congressional Relationship Development and Expansion
  • Issues Advocacy
  • Press Relations
  • Coalition Development
  • Message Development
  • Briefing Development
  • Testimony Development and Preparation

Association Services
Associations in need of  Washington support can depend on Miller Cole to increase their visibility, provide access, monitor regulations, legislation and executive branch activities.  Miller Cole has experienced advocates who will support or lead key Hill Advocacy initiatives on behalf of foreign or domestic trade Associations.

In addition Miller Cole organizes, manages and orchestrates special Hill events for clients which includes conferences, receptions, workshops, product unveils and displays, and embassy events. 

Miller Cole will broker meetings with Agency officials and key personnel, develop relationships and schedule meetings with Congressional Members and staff to maximize your Association's effectiveness in Washington. 

Miller Cole Association services include (but are not limited to) the following:

Relationship Development
Miller Cole works with clients to develop sustainable relationships - we take you to the source so intelligent, well-informed decisions can be made and appropriate action deployed.
  • Arrange meetings with key Congressional, Administration and Agency leaders.
  • Schedule appointments
  • Follow up on issues
  • Develop and expand relationships

Conference Development & Planning
Miller Cole's experienced associates provide support and/or lead conference organization, serving as architects for your annual federal conferences and
advocacy events.

Hill Receptions
We work with clients to develop, organize, support and host Hill receptions that will provide maximum  advocacy impact.

Miller Cole works with you to develop a strategy which will identify/confirm key participants, optimally position your issues, and create an optimal venue to achieve your reception objectives.