Associations can rely on Miller Cole to monitor regulations, legislation and executive branch activities or support their existing programs.   Miller Cole provides a portfolio of services for Associations to enhance their overall effectiveness on the Hill.  Miller Cole's Association services include the following:

Relationship Development

Miller Cole works with clients to develop sustainable relationships - we take you to the source so intelligent, well-informed decisions can be made and appropriate action deployed.
  • Assist associations in development of a strategic plan which includes relationship development and issues prioritization
  • Develop, coordinate, manage and refine Political Action Committees (PAC), develop and refresh PAC strategy, and navigate the changing political landscape to invest for future success and competitive advantage
  • Arrange, coordinate and lead meetings with the White House, Congressional Members and staff and Federal Agencies
  • Track regulatory/legislative action
  • Facilitate and orchestrate Bill markups/language submissions
  • Develop and expand relationships

Conference Development & Planning

Miller Cole has experienced advocates who provide support for and lead conference organization and development, organize, host and support receptions on the Hill, targeted
technology workshops and product marketing/positioning.