Miller Cole has an established Research and Development  practice in Washington, D.C., with extensive experience in all aspects of federal appropriations.
Whether you're seeking funding for the first time, continuing funding of an existing project or have the need to initiate new research policy or program changes at a federal agency,  Miller Cole is your choice for federal government grants, loans and/or appropriations. 
The Support You Need – From Strategy and Advocacy through Implementation.
With more than a century of experience among our team members, we have developed excellent working relationships with key research agencies, members of Congress and staff of the appropriations committees in both the House and the Senate. In addition, we have extensive experience representing clients in front of key staff at critical agencies and in the White House, including the Office of Management and Budget. 
We understand the process and know how, where and when to intervene.
Grants and Loans
There are numerous federal funding opportunities for many different areas including healthcare, automotive, energy and defense research.  When the automotive industry was in turmoil, Miller  Cole predicted a significant increase in research and development funding for the automotive, energy and transportation sectors.  Advanced technologies, considered too risky for industry to pursue are now being funded through innovative cost-share R&D programs, loans, grants and direct government appropriations.
Examples of newly funded initiatives include the renewable energy programs including on-shore and off-shore wind energy, advanced automotive battery development and manufacturing initiatives, fuel cell technology and the advanced vehicle technology program.   within the government various departments including DOT and DOE are funding new projects with program expansion expected over the next ten years. 
Whether you are interested in basic, applied or commercialization research Miller Cole is the company to call.